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Licensed general contractor # WV056746


Available as a subcontractor in most states and localities

Versatile Installation

  • Installs in poor soils and rock
  • Few equipment needs
  • Well suited to both remote and urban areas
  • No disposal necessary for excavated materials

Geotechnical conditions pose little challenge to the installation of Structural Foundations. Structural Foundations consolidate and compact soils, improving their load bearing, and the method of installation accurately measures soils’ minimum bearing capacities. In contrast, traditional foundation systems are designed to utilize existing strengths of soils, and where soils are deficient, require uneconomical soils remediation in installation or larger safety factors in design. As well, inconsistencies in soil conditions across an installation site challenge the performance of traditional foundation design. Structural Foundations can be installed in soils where traditional concrete and / or pile systems are impractical or highly uneconomical.


Equipment requirements for installation aren’t intensive. Most sizes of Structural Foundations can be installed quickly and capably with a small crane and a compact hydraulic system. Structural Foundations can be equally valuable to projects in remote areas with rugged terrain as in densely populated cities where jobsite space is scarce. An added benefit of Structural Foundations is minimal excavation requirements, with all excavated materials returned to the foundation system during installation.

 Structural Foundations installation for a signal tower.  Located atop Pea Ridge in the Appalachian Mountains, near Charleston, West Virginia.

Install virtually anywhere.