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Verified Bearing

  • Verified bearing capacity established before use
  • Settling and creep virtually eliminated

In installation, the bearing capacity of Structural Foundations is measured and verified. Impressive bearing capacities exceeding 300 tons (600 kips) per foundation have been achieved.


Structural Foundations are hydraulically installed. This supplies an accurately applied and known force throughout the installation, including foundation and soils in its zone of influence. The installing force is applied in either a stress or strain controlled manner as dictated by soil conditions. This process directly pre-stresses and pre-tests the strength of the surrounding soils and the system’s overall ability to meet and exceed the loads specified. Structural or geotechnical engineers supervise installations and complete records that verify installed loading.


The Structural Foundations system and method of installation consolidates or compacts soils and combinations of soils and rock. This is accomplished by any combination of (1) applied bearing forces that develop and / or utilize the soils’ bearing capacity, and (2) frictional forces that enact, develop, and / or utilize the passive lateral strengths of soils. This virtually eliminates settling and creep of the structure at loading equal to or less than the applied installing load.

 Bearing capacity is indicated by the hydraulic system’s gauges and verified by an on-site engineer.

Structural integrity.