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Licensed general contractor # WV056746


Available as a subcontractor in most states and localities

Removable and Reusable

  • Can be removed and installed over and over again
  • Quick removal
  • Minimal infill of soils necessary
  • Portable, one-piece integral design
  • Desirable in jurisdictions requiring environmental restoration and reclamation

With minimal site disruption, installations of Structural Foundations can be removed and reused. Quick removal, often ranging from five minutes to under one hour depending upon size, is accomplished with a similar hydraulic process as in installation. Structural Foundations can be reused again and again as uses and locations change. One-piece integral design provides portability and ease in re-installation.  Where removed, only minimal infilling of soils is necessary. Structural Foundations may be particularly attractive for installation in jurisdictions that regulate environmental restoration and reclamation. With Structural Foundations, you pay once for a foundation that could have many uses and installation locations.

Suited for permanent and temporary uses.

 Removal of Structural Foundations begins with hydraulic lifting, performed in the reverse manner as in installation. For small foundations, a front-end loader can complete the lifting action to remove. For larger foundations, a crane is necessary.