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P.O. Box 522, Luna Pier, MI 48157,

Construction Office Located in Vienna, WV

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Licensed general contractor # WV056746

Available as a subcontractor in most states and localities


  • 100+ year durability
  • Galvanized coating for corrosion resistance
  • 30+ years of field performance data

Fabricated from high-strength structural steel and galvanized in accordance with ASTM A123 / A123M standards, Structural Foundations can achieve a maintenance-free lifetime of 100+ years. These are robust materials with known durability and properties, providing superior corrosion resistance both beneath and above ground. Galvanized coatings are ubiquitous on construction materials and hardware having steel substrates. With installations since 1986, not one Structural Foundations product has required maintenance.

Structural Foundations have been installed in high-moisture, high-erosion areas without any observed or measurable degradation in structural integrity.  Our galvanized foundations have been installed for multiple riparian flood walls, where submersion in water is common.

Lifetime reliability and low costs.

Galvanized foundation for a 120-foot tall road lighting tower in Charleston, West Virginia.