• In business since 1986

  • More than 800 installations across the United States

  • Have received individual contract awards of over $1 million

  • Fabricated steel components made only with U.S.-produced steel and fabricated in the U.S. by American Welding Society (AWS) certified welders

  • Seven issued U.S. patents, multiple issued foreign patents, and additional patents pending

  • Operate a construction office and steel fabrication facility in Vienna, WV (along the Ohio border near Parkersburg, WV)

  • Perform engineering services and business development from metropolitan Detroit

  • Possess multiple P.E. registrations and can obtain others depending upon the location of the project




Commercial low-rise

Commercial mid-rise


Residential homes


  Industrial Structures

Storage tanks



Transfer towers

Equipment platforms


  Towers & Columns

Electric transmission

Electric substations

High-mast lighting

High-mast signage


Signal towers

Wind turbines


  Wall Structures

Retaining walls

Flood walls

Project Types

We focus on commercial and industrial projects, but will do public work as well as larger residential projects

Service Areas

Structural Foundations is a licensed general contractor and is available as a general contractor or subcontractor in most states and localities. All engineering drawings for construction are prepared by our engineers, who possess or obtain the professional engineer (P.E.) registration for the respective jurisdiction of construction.

Foundations & Retaining Walls

Primary Service Area

We install foundations and build retaining walls primarily in Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Extended Service Area

For especially large projects, we will work in these 33 green-shaded states and the District of Columbia.

Consulting Engineering

We provide consulting geotechnical and structural engineering services primarily in Michigan, but may provide services in other states depending on the size of the project.


Project Size

Structural Foundations performs projects of minimally $100,000, with experience in performing projects exceeding $1 million.

Number of Foundations

Structural Foundations has performed projects requiring the installation of over 100 foundations, completed in days, not months. Our method of installation makes it possible for us to conduct multiple crews simultaneously. We have also installed single foundations with bearing capacities exceeding 300 tons (600 kips) in one day, not weeks. All of our installed foundations were immediately ready to build upon.

Equipment Needs

Large Equipment needs for most installations are a front-end loader with a drill attachment and a compact hydraulic system. Large equipment is absent at a Structural Foundations' project site!

A Few of Our Clients & End-Users

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