We Engineer and Install Cost-Saving, High-Capacity Steel Foundations for Buildings, Industrial Structures, & Retaining Walls

 Wherever you would use deep foundations, piles, pile alternatives, or large concrete pours, consider Structural Foundations first. Structural Foundations is a geotechnical and structural consulting engineering firm and licensed general contractor. We engineer and hydraulically install high-capacity steel foundations for buildings, industrial structures, retaining walls, and other large applications, saving up to 50% in cost and valuable time.

  • Save 25% to 50% over deep foundations and large concrete pours

  • Most foundations install in mere minutes to an hour each

  • Individual foundation capacities of 20 to 600+ kips bearing and uplift

  • Overturning moment capacities exceeding 1,000 ft.-kips

  • Over 800 installations across the United States

  • Over 30 years of field performance

Bearing capacity is calculated by the hydraulic pump's pressure gauge reading and cylinder area.

"The Foundation

 Individual Structural Foundations have achieved the following impressive capacities:

600+ kips bearing capacity in moderate-strength soils

600+ kips uplift resistance capacity in moderate-strength soils

300+ kips bearing capacity in very poor soils

300+ kips uplift resistance capacity in very poor soils

1,000+ ft.-kips overturning moment capacity in poor soils

High-Capacity Foundations

 "The foundation strength is proven during the installation process, as the hydraulically applied installing load is the same as the uplift and bearing capacities.

"Another unique feature of the foundation is the ability to increase the natural bearing capacity of the soil."

- U.S. Department of Energy, NREL, Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, 2004

Verified Capacity

 Our hydraulic method of installation provides an accurately applied and known force to the foundation and soils within the zone of influence. Foundation bearing and uplift capacity is verified during the installation process, with settling and creep virtually eliminated at equal or less loading than the installation force. A Structural Foundation is a tested foundation!




Commercial low-rise

Commercial mid-rise


Residential homes


  Industrial Structures

Storage tanks



Transfer towers

Equipment platforms


  Towers & Columns

Electric transmission

Electric substations

High-mast lighting

High-mast signage


Signal towers

Wind turbines


  Wall Structures

Retaining walls

Flood walls

Ground Level


Just weld or bolt your structure to, or pour concrete over, the installed foundation!

Step 1

Small-diameter hole drilled.

Step 2

Anchor inserted, hydraulically actuated, and soils pre-stressed.

Step 3

Steel foundation hydraulically installed using anchor rod.

Step 4

Anchor removed (or kept in place for high-uplift applications). Hydraulics removed. Voids filled with the excavated material. Steel foundation secure and ready to be built upon.

Installation Features & Benefits


  Installation Time

After drilling, most foundations require only mere minutes up to an hour.


Equipment with a drilling attachment or a small drilling rig + Front-end loader or small crane to lift foundations + Compact hydraulic system.


None! Spoils from drilling are minimal and most can be returned to the pipe of the foundation or easily and thinly spread in the vicinity.


None from foundation installation! Minimal vibration from drilling.

A Few of Our Clients & End-Users

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